• Cramps

    Alot of Mummas like myself have had the displeasure of jolting awake in the middle of the night suffering from a dreaded leg cramp. While they are very common in pregnancy, usually beginning in the second trimester around 18-20 weeks and lasting until birth, (mostly striking at night in the lower limbs), there are a few things you can do to reduce their frequency or even alleviate them altogether. 

    8 Ways to Increase Blood Flow & Reduce Cramps   

    1. Wear a good proper fitting pair of maternity active wear tights. Gentle compression lessens the risk of cramps in the legs, however, you do not want to have the waist tight or restrictive.

    2. Eat to replace lost minerals.Try these 'nice cream' recipes for breakfast, as a snack or anytime the craving strikes. They are healthy and packed full of nutrients you need to top up on

    3. Soak your feet in a mineral rich foot soak and enjoy a foot rub. The minerals will be absorbed during your soak and the foot rub will increase blood flow,help with any swelling and is a great way to relax.