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What Did The Fox Say

  • Baby Sleep and the Need for Connection

    Sleep is essential for human development. During sleep your baby's brain experiences intense activity building the foundations for how they learn and grow, including the development of their behavior, emotions and immune system.

    During this crucial time of brain development it is vital that babies and their parents are supported to promote connection. Secure or healthy connection is the foundation that lets your child explore the world and have a safe place to come back to. Connection is the first way that babies learn to organize their feelings and their actions, by looking to the person who provides them with care and comfort. Without a good initial bond, children are less likely to grow up to become happy, independent and resilient adults.

  • Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

    A lot of Mamas like myself have had the displeasure of jolting awake in the middle of the night suffering from a dreaded leg cramp. While they are very common in pregnancy, usually beginning in the second trimester around 18-20 weeks and lasting until birth, there are a few things you can do to reduce their frequency or even alleviate them altogether. 
  • Great Ways to Multitask our Bedtime Story Range!

    We want you to love our products, and get the most out of every single drop! Here are some of our other favorite ways we like to use our Bedtime Story products.
    Remove Stuck Poo - At nappy change or while toilet training. Game Changer!
    Cradle Cap - Gently rub a small amount on cradle cap a few times a day
    Dry Flaky Skin - Spot treat by applying to effected areas a few times a day
    Remove Makeup - Apply directly to face and wipe off with a warm damp cloth