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Great Ways to Multitask our Bedtime Story Range!

We want you to love our products, and get the most out of every single drop! Here are some of our other favorite ways we like to use our Bedtime Story products.

Our super absorbent Baby Oil delivers essential nutrients to delicate skin. The ingredients we used are nourishing and gentle for babies skin, and perfect for even the most sensitive skin, so it's great for numerous applications. Our main purpose for creating this product was for a beautiful bedtime massage after baby's bath, but let's explore other uses....
Face Oil - Apply a small amount after cleansing
Belly or Body Oil - Apply to warm skin after a shower or bath
Bath Oil - Pop a couple of squirts in a warm bath for super soft skin
Remove Stuck Poo - At nappy change or while toilet training. Game Changer!
Cradle Cap - Gently rub a small amount on cradle cap a few times a day
Dry Flaky Skin - Spot treat by applying to effected areas a few times a day
Remove Makeup - Apply directly to face and wipe off with a warm damp cloth

Our Nursery Spray is 100% Natural and Skin Safe. It's a blend of pure essential oils mixed with distilled water and a natural preservative system to keep things fresh. The essential oils used in this blend are calming and soothing. Our main purpose for creating this product was to spritz in baby's sleep space at bedtime for a beautiful soothing atmosphere, but how else can we use it....
Air Freshener - Spray throughout the house for a sweet calm fragrance
Body Spritz - Give yourself a spritz before bed or when feeling overwhelmed
Pillow Spray - A couple of sprays your pillow before bed to support sleep
Linen & Lounge - Freshen your linen and couch with a few sprits periodically
Hair Fragrance - Pump a few sprays to your hair for a lingering calm scent

Our diffuser blend is an undiluted blend of 100% pure essential oils. It can be easily incorporated into DIY skin, bath and body products. As it is undiluted you cannot apply directly to the skin, you will need to add a carrier oil or lotion for topical application. Our main purpose for creating this product was to pop in your diffuser for your evening wind down and relax the family, but there are other great ways to incorporate this blend into your day;
Bath Salts - Add a few drops to your bath salts for a relaxing bedtime soak
Foot Soak - Add around 5 drops to a tub of warm water for a heavenly foot soak
Massage Oil - Pop a couple of drops into our baby oil for an extra relaxing night time massage (for babies over 1, older children and adults)
Stress Relief - Add a drop to your palm, rub hands together and cup them over your nose and mouth. Take a few deep breaths and feel the tension ease 
Shower Bliss - Add a few drops to your shower floor and let the steam do the work. Make sure to pop the drops away from direct contact with the water
Lotion or Body Oil - Pop a few drops in an unscented lotion or body oil for a dash of dreamy bedtime skin hydration